The Proscenium at Rockwell, the greatest yet. Designed by architect Carlos Ott, the Proscenium is a premier mixed-use development comprised of a Performing Arts Theater, world-class Retail Center and five distinct residential towers, each with its own unique flair. Situated within the center of the development lies a one-hectare amenity deck complete with a variety of pools, green spaces and even a tennis court, providing its residents a serene retreat from the bustling city. Catering only to the most discerning of audiences, the Proscenium is a testament to quality living at its finest.





My Kind of Place

A beachfront hotel fused with exquisitely designed residences. This 4.7-hectare sanctuary is nothing less than Rockwell’s boldest move yet. Lined along the serene side of the island, Aruga Resort and Residences – Maetan is an innovative residential concept that mixes the perks of resort relaxation with Rockwell’s signature community living.

With only about 150 units, boasting of a 200-meter beach front, you can have your share in this exclusive paradise reserved for the country’s discerning elite. Beside and retreat in its unique, tropical bliss

My Kind of Neighborhood

A private escape turned into a luxurious piece of real estate, Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan is conveniently located along Mactan’s sophisticated string of hotels and leisure establishments. Complementing the relaxing atmosphere by the beach, the property’s open areas are adorned by manicured gardens, keeping the area cool and energizing. The hotel and residential areas are seamlessly integrated, bringing the best experience for guests and homeowners alike.

My Kind of Lunch

Explore the taste of Cebu – its seas, culture, and cuisine – all while taking in a spectacular view. Let your taste buds forage through a diverse selection of taste and texture. Give in to the relaxing ambiance as you partake of your well-deserved island indulgence at the Floating Dining Hall.