Journey South with Rockwell

Journey South with Rockwell

It does not take an expert to make the conclusion that Metro Manila is indeed one crowded metropolis. With Metro Manila holding an unenviable title of 3rd worst traffic in Southeast Asia, it often seems like life grinds to an unbearable halt when simply moving from one destination to the next. In addition to the horrendous daily traffic, living in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city would also mean dealing pollution and often times the feeling of being cramped up in tiny and congested spaces.

City life may have its fun and interesting moments but amidst of all the chaos there comes a point where one takes a step back and feels the need to heed the call to find a space where one can simply relax and discover his own sanctuary. Given the constraints and limited space in the Metro, people have started to venture outwards and away from the confines of this crowded city. Developers and consumers alike have looked towards both the north and the south as viable options to escape the never ending madness of Metro Manila living.

A very notable trend is the numerous infrastructure developments happening in Laguna. Previously known as an industrial area, Laguna has slowly been taking on a new face and transforming itself in to a prime property option for both the residential and the commercial sector.  The recent infrastructure projects combined with the aggressive “Build, Build, Build” initiative of the current administration has drastically cut travel time and bridged the gap between the Metro and the South.

Daunting as it may seem, finding a place where one can enjoy an abundance of space and tranquility can still be possible. Not looking too far away from Metro Manila, we are met with one distinct option coming from a developer known for exclusive communities and creating a type of lifestyle unique only to its name.

This September of 2019, Rockwell Land offers a very special opportunity to own a piece of premium property in its first and largest horizontal development in Laguna. From the developer who built the iconic skyline in Rockwell Center, the move to Laguna shifts its thrust to a lifestyle where one is able to stay outdoors and tune out all the noise and distractions of the world while still being able to indulge in the comforts of modern luxury.

Soon to be known unveiled as Rockwell at Carmelray, this 63 hectare gated community serves as a haven to its residents while providing the Rockwell signature touch to all its lush open spaces and amenities. Similar to all Rockwell projects, the entire development is efficiently planned with a network of roads so that each lot is accessible and residents can easily move around. Tree-lined sidewalks and integrated natural waterways also encourage residents to explore the community on foot and enjoy the expansive amenities and parks.

Offering lots starting at 650 sqm, Rockwell at Carmelray delivers on its promise of providing its residents the fresh space that they deserve. From growing a garden, building a lawn or pool where the children are free to frolic or to simply creating an open space designed to cater to a new hobby, these expansive lots create limitless possibilities for every type of individual.

Rockwell at Carmelray is not only a perfect place where people have the freedom to bring their dream homes to reality, it is also a space where one finds themselves and lets their mind and soul grow.   Equipped with function rooms, recreational parks, wellness gardens, dog parks and a multipurpose court, Carmelray offers an unparalleled location to embrace life with family and friends. Whether it be a vacation home, getaway place in the south or the starting foundations of a new family, a home in Rockwell at Carmelray is guaranteed to be the right step towards finding a luxurious place of peace and tranquility.

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